The Governing Board of Ashmount Primary School was reconstituted in line with new legislation in March 2015. The Governing Board is now made up of 11 governors: 1 Head Teacher; 1 other staff governor elected by the staff ; 1 governor nominated by the Local Authority; 4 parent governors elected by the parents, and 4 governors co-opted to the Board on the basis of their skills, knowledge and experience.

While the Headteacher has overall responsibility for the management and running of the school on a day-to-day basis, the governors (who include the Head Teacher) are responsible for matters of policy. We meet to discuss areas such as finance, personnel, teaching and learning, premises and communications.

To contact Dean James Robbins (Chair)  or Lucy Kilkenny (Vice Chair) please use the following email:

Staff Governors

Anthony Carmel (Head Teacher) – 18/03/2015 to 18/03/2019

Rosie Davies – 20/09/2013 to 19/09/2017

LA Governor

Michelline Ngongo – 02/03/2015 to 01/03/2019

Parent Governors

Sonya Foxsmith – 11/06/2013 to 10/06/2017

Richard Walker – 11/06/2013 to 10/06/2017

Iain Patterson – 26/02/2016 to 25/02/2020

Co-opted Governors

Dean James-Robbins (Chairman) – 10/02/2016 to 09/02/2020

Lucy Kilkenny (Vice Chair) – 18/03/2015 to 17/03/2019

David Barry – 18/03/2015 to 17/03/2019

Vaughan Melsom – 18/03/2015 to 17/03/2019

Jane de Swiet – 18/03/2015 to 17/03/2019 

Associate Members:

The reconstituted Governing Board voted to invite applications from the staff and parent bodies for associate membership of the Board’s sub-committees. Associate Members have voting rights on the committees to which they are attached but not at FGB Meetings. Their attendance at FGB is, therefore, optional. We have now appointed six associate members as follows:


Steve Allison – 09/07/2015 to 08/07/2017

Catherine Burkin – 09/07/2015 to 08/07/2017

Ian Goodfellow – 09/07/2015 to 08/07/2017

Kate Peers – 09/07/2015 to 08/07/2017


Eleanor Haworth – 09/07/2015 to 08/07/2017

Sharon Turney – 18/03/2015 to 17/03/2017

The current members of the Full Governing Board (with their terms of office) are available to view on the link below:

Members of the Governing Body and Sub-Committees May 2016